Handbook Of Composites From Renewable Materials, Nanocomposites. Science And Fundamentals

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The Handbook of Composites From Renewable Materials comprises a set of 8 individual volumes that brings an interdisciplinary perspective to accomplish a more detailed understanding of the interplay between the synthesis, structure, characterization, processing, applications and performance of these advanced materials

Some of the important topics include but not limited to preparation, characterization and applications of nano materials from renewable resources hydrogels and its nanocomposites from renewable resources preparation of chitin-based nanocomposite materials through gelation with ionic liquid starch based bionanocomposites biorenewable nanofiber and nanocrystal investigation of wear characteristics of dental composite reinforced with rice husk derived nanosilica filler particles performance of regenerated cellulose/vermiculite nanocomposites fabricated via ionic liquid preparation, structure, properties and interactions of the PVA/cellulose composites green composites with cellulose nano-reinforcements biomass composites from bamboo-based micro/nano fibers synthesis

The handbook covers a multitude of natural polymers/ reinforcement/ fillers and biodegradable materials

This 7th volume Handbook is solely focused on Nanocomposites Science and Fundamentals

Together, the 8 volumes total at least 5000 pages and offers a unique publication

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