Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies With Videos Online

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Help your child succeed with a better understanding of Common Core Math Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies is packed with tools and information to help you promote your child's success in math

Common Core Math For Parents For Dummies helps you help your child succeed.

Many new teaching methods are very different from the way most parents learned math, leading to frustration and confusion as parents find themselves unable to help with homework or explain difficult concepts

Math skills are critical to real-world success, and the new standards reflect that reality in scope and rigorousness

The Common Core Math Standards prepare students to do real math in the real world

The Common Core was designed to improve college- and career-readiness, and to prepare U.S

The grade-by-grade walk-through brings you up to speed on what your child is learning, and the sample problems and video lessons help you become more involved as you study together

This book cuts the confusion and shows you everything you need to know to help your child succeed in math

This guide shows you how the standards were created, and how they've evolved over time to help ensure your child's future success

Understand the key concepts being taught in your child's grade Utilize the homework tools that help you help your child Communicate more effectively with your child's teacher Guide your child through sample problems to foster understanding The Common Core was designed to ensure that every student, regardless of location or background, receives the education they need

You'll learn how to effectively collaborate with teachers and keep tabs on your child's progress, so minor missteps can be corrected quickly, before your child falls behind

Students to be more competitive on an international stage when it's time to enter the workforce

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